Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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Registration & Fees

What is the conference registration fee and what does it include?
May I bring a guest, such as my spouse, to the conference?
Why must my guest be 21 or older?
How can I modify an existing registration?
What is the last day to cancel my registration and receive a full refund?


How do I request a smoking/nonsmoking guest room?
Is The Venetian or The Palazzo closer to the conference center?


What is the typical cost of a taxi from the airport to the hotel?


What is the attire for the conference?

Name Badges

Are name badges required at the conference?
Is name badge sharing, splitting and/or reprints allowed?

Attendee Lists

Where can I find a list of conference attendees?

Client Appreciation Event

Will the Client Appreciation Event have seating?
Can a guest attend the Client Appreciation Event only for a reduced fee?


Will the presentations be shared after the conference?